Admission Policy

Admission to the school is purely based on Merit:

  • Appropriate tests will be administered to students seeking admission in grades 1 & above. However,
  • for Pre-Primary students , a formal interaction session will be held.
  • Candidates will be tested in English , Mathematics and Life Skills (combination of Science & G.K
    questions) in order to determine the literacy and numeracy skills proficiency. Admission to the school
    is purely on merit basis.
  • Parents should submit duly filled registration forms on the scheduled dates. Thereafter, they will be
    informed about the date of entrance test and admission if accepted.
  • Interaction with the child seeking admission and parents is mandatory. The school authority keeps
    the rights to admission solely to its decision.

Discipline Policy

The hallmark of discipline at the school is that every member should be a responsible person and ensures that any breach of discipline is prevented. Any breach, if it happens, should be reported to the concerned authority without delay. Each member of the School should be proud of its ethos and its people, and abstain from doing any harm to the institution.
Cards are to be issued to a student defaulter for the following:

    • Using abusive/ foul language
    • Rude or insolent behavior with staff or fellow students
    • Misbehaving during School events or in class
    • bullying/ causing harm to fellow students or juniors
    • Using unfair means during tests/ examinations
    •  Theft
    • Damaging or disfiguring school property
    • Bringing mobile phones or other gadgets/ objectionable material to school
    • Leaving school without the knowledge of authorities
    • Forging signatures or changing marks
    • Writing on School uniform
    • Bringing/ burning crackers
    • Three yellow cards will be equivalent to one red card.
    • Red card will mean suspension from the school for a period of time depending upon the seriousness of the offense

Assignment Policy

The intent of homework/assignments is to support the development of self – directed, self – motivated, independent and disciplined students. Homework as a rule should be done by the student himself/herself under parental guidance. Holiday Homework assigned will be considered part of assessment and students will be marked on it. (The students are advised to utilize this time to regularly revise the syllabus and to read meaningful books. as this would sharpen his/her reading and writing skills.)

It is mandatory for the students to submit HW to the concerned teacher.

For Pre-Primary students(Nursery-UKG): No formal homework will be given. Spending quality time with parents is their utmost requirement. For Primary students: Homework in any 2 -3 subjects will be given on a day. However, students of classes 6 & above, homework in 3 subjects on a daily basis and 5 subjects may be given on a weekend.

Promotion Policy

  • Promotion to the next class depends on the whole year’s work, regular attendance, overall development and ability to cope with the next step in a student’s education.
  • Student, if, absent in any examination for any reason except medical or unforeseen circumstances, he/she will be assessed on his/her overall performance throughout the year for promotion.
  • A minimum of 40% in Scholastic and in Overall is required for the student to be promoted to the next class.