The school is a futuristic ICSE school. The curriculum is designed as per the guidelines and principles under the NEP 2020 according to The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE). The school offers a wide choice of alternative subjects and includes a detailed study of all subjects that is offered at the secondary level of examination. The focus of imparting quality education as per the curriculum lies in the intellectual, physical, and linguistic growth of children.


As per the new Educational policy (NEP 2020) the 10+2 structure of schooling is replaced by ‘5+3+3+4 model’ which will be followed in the school is as under:

  • Foundational Stage – begins with Nursery (3 years of Pre-Primary) followed by classes 1 & 2. The primary focus at this level will be to foster in children a love for school life in its various manifestations. The Play Way Method of learning and the Continuous Cumulative Evaluation (CCE) will help develop motor abilities, cognitive skills, and curiosity in tiny tots. Formal Computer education is introduced at Grade 1 level with core subjects like English, Hindi, Mathematics and Environmental studies.
  • Preparatory Stage – which includes classes 3 to 5 which cover age group of 8-10 years. The children are introduced to the basic concepts in various subjects. Core Subjects include:
    English, Mathematics, Hindi, Environmental Studies, Social Studies, Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Middle Stage: Classes 6 to 8, covering children between ages 11 and 13. It will introduce students to the more abstract concepts in subjects of Mathematics, Sciences, Social sciences, Arts and Humanities. Core Syllabus (Scholastic) includes: English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History/Civics, Geography, Sanskrit, Computer Education.
  • Secondary Stage: Classes 9 to 12, wherein classes 9 and 10 will cover the first phase while classes 11 and 12 will cover the second phase. The school offers a choice between Science and Commerce Stream in class 9 to students. However, a student can opt for Science Stream only if he/she procures 60% and more in Science Subjects. These 4 years of study are intended to inculcate multidisciplinary study, coupled with depth and critical thinking. Multiple options of subjects will be provided which is as follows:
    • Group 1 – English, Hindi, Mathematics, History/Civics & Geography (Compulsory)
    • Group2 – Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Environmental Studies, Commercial Application
      (choice of any one)
    • Group 3 – Economics Application, Computer Application (choice of any one)

Co-Scholastic Areas

Value Education/ Life Skills/ S.U.P.W, performing arts (Music & Dance), Physical and Health Education (Sports Specializations in various games like skating football, Badminton and shooting (Grades 5 & above) Public Speaking & Dramatics, Art & Craft, Product Designing and various subject clubs (like G.K Club, Nature Club, Expressions Club) to inculcate the love and interest in the subject are the core strength of the school.

Academic Terms

The Academic session is divided into four terms which are as follows:

1st TermApril – May
2nd TermJuly- September
3rd TermOctober – December
4th TermFebruary – March