Our library is user friendly and has a wide range of books to choose from thus helping to broaden the students’ knowledge. The students get to immerse themselves with world class curriculum so as to stimulate their curiosity and critical thinking skills from a tender age, and of course the opportunity to do their homework in a tranquil environment.

Smart Classes

The world has evolved, hence our school has technology enhanced classrooms with accessible network service capacity and access to required gadgets at any time during school hours. We prioritize a healthy learning environment which stimulates more interest in learning and improves efficiency. The digital classrooms promote enhanced engagement among the students.

Computer Labs

Our school does not focus on the conventional classroom learning only, we also train our learners on the use of computers as we live in an fast paced world of technology. We groom our learners from a tender age by providing them with an environment conducive for E-learning and research.


Our laboratories are well equipped hence providing students with an opportunity to engage in scientific investigations and attain abilities necessary for scientific queries, and interact directly with educational material through experiments. Use of laboratories by learners deepens comprehension, enhances their critical thinking, promotes problem solving skills and builds team work among the learners.


Graphic Era Global School has STEM Labs whereby students get an opportunity to engage in hands on experiential learning and build their conceptual understanding on the different topics and subjects they studied in the traditional classroom setup. These STEM Labs ensure better and advanced education thus making our learners future ready.


We also encourage extracurricular activities through sports because the physical fitness of our learners matters. We fully understand that playing is vital for young learners as it helps them to improve their self-esteem, confidence, social skills and most importantly improved mental health. Graphic Era Global School has sports like Badminton, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Skating, etc.